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"Want to Make Passive Income Selling Print-On-Demand Products on Amazon, But Don't Know How to Start?"

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Hey there, Print-On-Demand Sellers!

You know, making $50-100 a day selling print-on-demand on Amazon isn’t as challenging as it may seem... you just need a bit of resilience.

In case you're not familiar with print-on-demand, it's like selling a coffee mug to your customer without the hassle of owning any inventory or tools to make it.

You simply receive the payment from your customer and let the supplier handle the production and shipping of the coffee mug directly to them.

Pretty cool, huh?

Amazon is where you'll be showcasing and selling your products.

With billions of people flocking to Amazon each month, you only need a small fraction of those visitors to discover and purchase your products.

So, as you can imagine, selling print-on-demand products on Amazon is pretty straightforward.

No need to worry about managing inventory or running ads – it's hassle-free.

All you need to do is launch a multitude of print-on-demand products on Amazon.

The more products you have, the more sales you'll make.

It's as simple as that.

Selling just 5-10 products every day can add up to that nice $50-100 in sales each day.

But here's the thing – Amazon is huge, with millions of products on it already.

So, if you want more people to see your stuff, you gotta have LOTS of products in your store.

I'm talking about having 50,000-100,000 products in there.

Now, don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds.

You just need to upload 100-200 products every day, day after day, for a few years.

In one year, you'll have around 40,000-70,000 products.

Two years? That's 80,000-140,000 products.

Keep it up for three years, and you'll have 120,000-210,000 products.

And it keeps going like that...

Once you hit that sweet spot of 50,000-100,000 products, you'll start seeing sales roll in like clockwork.

And the best part? Listing all those products won't cost you more – just the same $39.99 Amazon Selling Fee each month. Easy, right?

And hey, here's a little trick: when you start making some sales, you can send those products over to Amazon FBA.

Now, what's Amazon FBA?

It's like when you send your stuff to Amazon, and they take care of shipping it out to your customers for you.

When your products hang out with Amazon, they get a boost in ranking, which means more people will see them and buy them.

So, the more products you have with FBA, the more sales you'll keep making, nice and steady.

Doesn't sound too tough, does it?

But let me tell you, it takes some real determination...

You've gotta be ready to roll up your sleeves and create and upload 100-200 products every single day.

Now, personally, I couldn't handle it all by myself.

I tried, but I found myself getting distracted, watching endless YouTube videos while I should've been working.

Hats off to anyone who can pull it off solo.

So, I decided to bring in some help from the Philippines.

I hired two awesome folks who helped me write quotes, design products, and upload a whopping 150 products to Amazon every day.

They work tirelessly, day and night, to get it all done

Sure, it cost me a pretty penny – about $600 a month.

But here's the thing: the products we upload to Amazon stick around forever.

And sooner or later, they're bound to turn a profit.

My plan? Stockpile those winners and send them off to Amazon FBA.

I kept those awesome helpers on board for 2-3 years, and together, we racked up over 100,000 products in my stores.

Time flew by, and before I knew it, I had a whole bunch of winning products, raking in six figures in sales every year – even after I stopped hiring the team.

But here's the kicker: to keep those sales rolling in, I needed to keep uploading new products every day.

And you know what? I wanted to save that $600 a month – or $7,200 a year – that I was shelling out to my team.

So, I reached out to a buddy of mine who's a whiz at programming, and together, we cooked up something special.

Let me introduce you to PODtomatic AI

In a nutshell, it's a system that'll upload print-on-demand products to your Amazon store every single day – just like those two helpers did for me.

Here's what you gotta do:

- Connect your Amazon account to your PODtomatic account.
- Set the number of products you want to upload each day (up to 200 products).

Once your Amazon account is linked up with PODtomatic, it'll...

Find Niche Ideas Based on Upcoming Trends

When you connect your Amazon account to PODtomatic, our well-trained AI starts thinking up cool ideas for you.

It knows what's popular and what people want to buy.

Like, if Mother’s Day is coming soon, PODtomatic will make things for moms.

And don't worry if there's no big trend right now. PODtomatic will find evergreen ideas that always sell and make products from those.

Select Quotes From The Chosen Niche Ideas

Ever wonder why people buy certain products?

It's often because of the catchy messages on them.

And with PODtomatic, you'll have just the right message for your products.

Once the system picks out which niches to focus on, our smart AI will choose quotes that fit perfectly.

No need for you to spend hours hunting down quotes or hire someone else to do it.

With over 100,000 quotes and counting in the system, you'll always have just the right words to make your products stand out.

Create Designs From Selected Quotes

After picking out the perfect quotes, PODtomatic swings into action, creating simple text designs to go with them.

No need for you to spend hours tinkering with designs or fork out big bucks to hire a graphic designer – let PODtomatic take care of it all!

You see, products with simple text-based designs are Amazon's favorites. Why? Because they're super easy to read!

And when it comes to print-on-demand products, it's all about the message. If it grabs people's attention, your product is sure to fly off the shelves!

Craft Catchy Product Titles, Descriptions, and More Using Smart AI

Now, let's talk about the stuff that gets your product noticed on Amazon: the title, description, bullet points, and keywords.

They're super important because they help your product show up when people search for it.

But don't worry – with PODtomatic, you're covered.

Here's how it works:

PODtomatic takes a peek at the niche, the quote, and the type of product. Then, it puts its AI brain to work, whipping up the perfect title, description, bullet points, and keywords for your product.

And it makes sure to follow Amazon's guidelines every step of the way, so your product will shine in all the right searches.

Build Product Mockups and Upload Products to Amazon

Once the designs are all set and your product info is good to go, PODtomatic jumps in to create product mockups.

Then, it sets up times to upload those products straight to your Amazon store.

No need to stress about handling the uploading yourself – PODtomatic takes care of it all, round the clock, every single day!

Automated Order Import & Fulfilment

When someone buys one of your products on Amazon, PODtomatic springs into action. It grabs all the order details and shoots them over to the supplier.

Once the supplier ships out the order, PODtomatic sends the tracking info straight back to the marketplace – all on autopilot.

We've teamed up with Gearbubble and Laser Chili to make this magic happen. To use this cool automation you'll need to hook up Gearbubble and Laser Chili Integrations – don't worry, they're totally free.

But hey, if you'd rather handle things manually or work with different suppliers, that's totally up to you – it's all about giving you options.

What kind of products will the system upload for you?

We've teamed up with our trusted partners, Gearbubble and Laser Chili, to bring you top-notch print-on-demand and engrave-on-demand goodies.

From Gearbubble, expect coffee mugs, shot glasses, travel mugs, tumblers, camping mugs, and more.

And from Laser Chili, we'll upload engraved products like bracelets and keychains.

These products are super popular and loved by customers for their quality.

Check out some examples below:

Once you connect your Amazon account to PODtomatic, all these products will be ready to go live!"

(Please note that the types of products may change based on seasonal trends.)

With PODtomatic, your Amazon store gets a constant flow of new print-on-demand products, day and night.

Just sit back and watch as your products climb up the search results on Amazon and start making sales.

Then, gather up the best-sellers, send them to Amazon FBA, and keep tweaking them to keep the sales coming.

With PODtomatic, you not only save time and money on hiring help, but you also grow passive income by selling print-on-demand products automatically.

Once you link up your Amazon accounts to PODtomatic, all you have to do is kick back and let it handle the product uploads for you!

Take a look at what people are saying about PODtomatic...

Now, let's get one thing straight – PODtomatic isn't some kind of "magic push button"...

It's a powerful tool that helps you publish over 70,000 print-on-demand products to your Amazon store every year.

And guess what? You can save over $20,000 annually by using PODtomatic instead of hiring a virtual assistant or graphic designer to handle this tedious task for you.

Here's how it works: PODtomatic finds the latest trends, picks out the niches, creates awesome designs, puts them on products, and uploads them to Amazon – all automatically, every single day.

But hey, let's be real – this isn't a "get-rich-quick" scheme.

While PODtomatic handles the heavy lifting of creating and uploading print-on-demand products to Amazon, there's more to the equation than that.

The other crucial aspect involves optimizing your listings to ensure your products stand out on Amazon's crowded marketplace. Plus, sending winning products to Amazon FBA can significantly boost your sales consistency.

Sure, PODtomatic uploads products with "okay" titles, descriptions, bullet points, and keywords, and you will make some passive sales from them.

However, if you're serious about maximizing your sales potential, it's essential to conduct thorough keyword research, optimize your product titles and keywords, and leverage Amazon FBA for increased visibility and sales.

So, who is PODtomatic for?

- People who want to start an online business but are short on time or resources.

- Folks looking to create a passive income stream by selling print-on-demand products.

- Those who understand the value of patience and are willing to let PODtomatic work its magic to grow their passive income.

Now, it's important to note that while PODtomatic does most of the heavy lifting, it still requires some effort on your part.

We want to be transparent about that before you make a decision.

And who is PODtomatic NOT for?

- Individuals who aren't willing to learn or engage in new activities. While PODtomatic automates much of the process, understanding the business is crucial for success.

- Anyone seeking overnight wealth. We're all about sustainable success, not quick fixes.

- People who are extremely particular and need every detail perfect. While PODtomatic offers incredible convenience, it's not 100% customizable like hiring freelancers. If you're willing to trust the AI and embrace automation, PODtomatic is perfect for you.

If this sounds like the right fit for you and you're ready to take your business to the next level, here's what you need to do.

Take action NOW and let PODtomatic build your print-on-demand empire for you!


$ 150 / month

What's included

  • 6,000+ Products Uploaded Monthly ($0.025 per product)
  • Get Access to Coffee Mugs, Shot Glasses, Travel Mugs, Bracelets, Keychains, and many other products
  • AI-Generated Product Title
  • AI-Generated Product Description
  • AI-Generated Product Bullet Points
  • AI-Generated Product Keywords
  • Automated fulfillment
  • Free Upgrades for life
  • 60-day Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • + more…
Let us upload 200 products per day to your store for 7 days.


Save $300!

$ 1,500 / year

What's included

  • 73,000+ Products Uploaded Yearly ($0.020 per product)
  • Get Access to Coffee Mugs, Shot Glasses, Travel Mugs, Bracelets, Keychains, and many other products
  • AI-Generated Product Title
  • AI-Generated Product Description
  • AI-Generated Product Bullet Points
  • AI-Generated Product Keywords
  • Automated fulfillment
  • Free Upgrades for life
  • 180-day Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • + more…
Let us upload 200 products per day to your store for 7 days.

This Special Launch Price is exclusively for founding members. Act fast, as the price will go up soon. But don't worry – if you join now, you'll lock in this price forever, even if we raise it later!

In short, with PODtomatic, you'll get:

- Automatically create and upload loads of products to your Amazon account.

- Grow your passive income by selling print-on-demand stuff.

- Save big bucks by not having to hire a graphic designer or virtual assistant.

- Just kick back, relax, and enjoy life!

180-Day Satisfaction guaranteed!

Try our product risk-free for up to 180 days on the yearly plan and 60 days on the monthly plan. If it doesn't rock your world, we won't get paid.

We're dedicated to giving you a system you love, and we want you to feel confident when you buy from us. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee for our system.

For both our yearly and monthly plans, you're covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

If you're not thrilled with our system within 180 days for yearly plans or 60 days for monthly plans, just reach out, and we'll refund your money – no questions asked.

We truly believe in our system and are sure you'll love it too. But if you're not completely satisfied, we don't want to keep your money. Just reach out, and we'll sort out your refund. It's that simple!

Thanks for choosing PODtomatic. We're excited to serve you and give you the best experience possible.

You can hop on board the PODtomatic train for just $7 and enjoy a 14-day trial. After that, the monthly subscription fee is $150 or the yearly subscription fee is $1,500.

And here's the best part – you can cancel anytime with no hard feelings. If you forget to cancel but decide you don't want to use the tool anymore, shoot us an email, and we'll sort out your refund.


Let us upload 200 products per day to your store for 7 days.

I'm here to make sure you're happy.

I'm pumped to see your journey to success unfold. Let's conquer the print-on-demand world together and turn your dreams into reality.

Can't wait to see you thrive!

See you inside,
—Bank K.
Co-Founder, PODtomatic

P.S. Try PODtomatic for just $7 with our 7-day trial.

During the trial period, we'll upload a whopping 1,400 products to your Amazon account, and they're yours to keep and sell forever – no strings attached.

If you're not satisfied, simply cancel before the trial ends. With the $7 trial, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

It's time to unlock your print-on-demand success! If you have any questions or need assistance, we're here for you. Your success is our top priority!


Let us upload 200 products per day to your store for 7 days.

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