Create and Upload Print-on-Demand Products to Amazon and Etsy DAILY in just 5 MINUTES!

Build and grow passive income by selling print-on-demand products automagically.
No need to hire VA or graphic designer!


Incredible PODtomatic Benefits

Easy to Use

Just connect Amazon or Etsy to the system. That’s all you need to do!

2,000+ Niche Categories

Select niche categories, and let the system create products for you.

Quotes Finder

Find interesting quotes for your chosen niches.

Design Creator

Use your quotes to create simple text-based designs

Product Uploader

Create products and publish them to Amazon and Etsy.

Automated Fulfillment

Send order info to suppliers and let them fulfill the order.

building a print-on-demand empire has never been easier.

just connect your Amazon or Etsy account to PODtomatic and let the system do the rest!

(YES! That’s all you need to do!)

Never again will you have to...

Waste hours finding niches or quotes to create products.

Pay $300-500 a month to a designer to create designs.

Burn another $300-500 a month on a virtual assistant to upload tons of products to the marketplaces.

Wait days for your VA to create and publish products to your marketplace accounts

Stress about potential errors made by your VA

Get frustrated because everything is taking forever.

PODtomatic Is the ONLY POD system you’ll ever need.

PODtomatic has removed the 3 biggest headaches in the Print-on-Demand business – And will save you time and thousands of dollars!

Find product ideas

Create designs

Publish products

and there's more!

Here's what PODtomatic will do for you:

Find Niche Ideas Based on Upcoming Trends

After you connect Amazon or Etsy to PODtomatic, the system will start thinking about niche ideas to create products for. The system will know which product trends will make you sales.

For example, if Mother’s Day is approaching, the system will choose the Mother’s niche to create products.

If there is no trend, the system will find evergreen ideas and use them to create products.

Select Quotes From The Chosen Product Ideas

People will buy your product because of the message on it. When the system knows which niches to create products for, it will select niche-appropriate quotes.

You won’t have to spend hours searching for quotes or hire someone to do it for you. There are over 100,000 quotes in the system, and the number keeps growing every day.

Create Designs From Selected Quotes

Next, the system will create designs using the quotes selected in the previous step. No need to spend time creating designs by yourself or thousands of dollars on hiring a graphic designer to create them for you.

Let PODtomatic do it!

Products with simple text-based designs are BESTSELLERS on Amazon and Etsy because the messages are easy to read. People purchase POD products because of the message. If it catches their eye, your product will sell.

Build Product Mockups and Publish Products to Marketplaces

After the designs are created, PODtomatic will create product mockups and schedule times to publish the products to your Amazon and Etsy accounts.

Forget about handing the product publishing process yourself. The system will do it automatically, 24/7.

Automated Order Import & Fulfilment *

When someone orders one of your products on Amazon or Etsy, PODtomatic will fetch the order info and send it to the supplier. When the supplier ships the order, PODtomatic will send the tracking info back to the marketplace automatically.

* To use these automations, you need to have Gearbubble Dropship Integration, which costs a few dollars a month. If you don’t want to use it, you can do it manually. It’s optional.

Start Building & Growing Passive Income by Selling Print-on-Demand Products

PODtomatic will not only help you save time and thousands of dollars in hiring costs. It will also help you grow passive income by selling print-on-demand products automatically.

Once you connect your Amazon or Etsy accounts to the system, you just have to sit back, wait for PODtomatic to do the work, and enjoy life!

get podtomatic now

PODtomatic is the ONLY passive income machine you’ll ever need.

Very easy and quick to use. All-in-one cloud-based technology

Over 1,000 niche suggestions for products

Over 100,000 quotes for designs

Automatically publish products to Marketplaces

Build and grow passive income by selling print-on-demand products

Instantly build your POD empire in just ONE simple step!

Save $1,000s On Hiring a Graphic Designer and Virtual Assistant!

Are you spending thousands to hire people to create designs and publish products to your Amazon and Etsy accounts? Do these people sometimes misspell words in designs and product titles – and cause you to lose sales as a result?

Yes? Then here’s some good news: 99.8% of the quotes in PODtomatic are proofread. That means those human errors will become a thing of the past.

Bypass YEARS of Work

Let’s face it: thinking up product ideas, finding quotes, creating designs, and publishing products isn’t easy.

To build a successful print-on-demand business, you have to repeat this process every day to bring in a consistent passive income.

Imagine sitting in front of your computer and spending a whole day to publish 50 products to your Amazon or Etsy account. Then imagine doing this EVERY DAY, over and over.

It takes just 10-20 minutes to connect PODtomatic to Amazon and Etsy. After that, the system will publish products to your accounts automatically, EVERY DAY.

Order RIGHT NOW and let PODtomatic
build your print-on-demand empire for you!

early bird

save 51% during launch!

1997 $ 997 /Year

15,000+ Products Published Yearly

Get Access to Coffee Mugs, Shot Glasses, Travel Mugs, Camper Mugs, Face Masks, T-shirts, and many other products

Customized product description system

Automated fulfillment

Free upgrades for life

+ more…

This is a Special Launch Price for founding members only. The price will increase soon.

Current members will be locked in at the same price they purchased PODtomatic for, even if we increase the price in the future!

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How many products do you have to sell to cover this cost?

Let say that you subscribe to PODtomatic yearly plan; the cost for using the system will be $997 per year.

The system will upload over 18,000 products to your Amazon and Etsy accounts.

Let say you sell a coffee mug and the production cost for one mug sold is $9.90, including shipping.

If you list a coffee mug at $21.90, including shipping, you will make around $12 before deducting the Amazon listing fee.

The Amazon listing fee for this product price is around $3.30, so you will make $8.7 for one coffee mug.

So to cover the cost for using the PODtomatic, you’ll need to sell just 110-120 coffee mugs per year or less than 10 coffee mugs a month...

This is a very easy number to achieve. You only have to sell 3-4 mugs a week from over 18,000 products uploaded to cover the cost. Actually you can sell over 60 coffee mugs in less than a week during Q4.

It’s very EASY.

What are you waiting for? Get PODtomatic and start listing products now!

YES! Give me instant access to PODtomatic right now so I can…

  • Create and publish tons of products to my Amazon or Etsy account automagically.
  • Build and grow a passive income by selling print-on-demand products.
  • Save thousands on hiring a graphic designer or virtual assistant.
  • Sit back, and enjoy life!

180-Day “Satisfaction + Effectiveness” guaranteed!

It’ll rock your world, or we don’t get paid.

We want our system to work for you. That’s why we offer 180-Day “Satisfaction + Effectiveness” guarantee.

If PODtomatic publishes products to your Amazon or Etsy account every day for 180 days and you don’t earn back what you paid us for it, let us know. We’ll give you a 100% refund.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to take any risks at all... That’s why we’re giving you a 180-day full money-back guarantee.

We want you to feel safe and secure knowing you have cutting-edge tools that perform EXACTLY as advertised. We’re 100% confident you’re going to LOVE this...

About the Creators

We have helped hundreds of sellers make over $500,000++ from selling print-on-demand products in the past few years.

Our team has been building a print-on-demand business for over four years, and we understand exactly what we and other sellers need to grow our business.

We’re users as well as product developers. PODtomatic is a reliable part of our daily workflow. We built the system to help us automate tasks and save a lot on hiring costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t have to install anything. It works on both Windows and Mac – even on your mobile phone. PODtomatic runs on a cloud server, so you can access it using any device that’s connected to the internet.

Yes! Just connect your Amazon or Etsy accounts to the system. That’s it!.

PODtomatic charges only a monthly or yearly fee. The supplier will charge you for production and shipping when you make a sale. Currently, we are partnered only with GearBubble, so when you get an order, you’ll need to order the product from GearBubble.

Our system will publish 50 products a day to your account by default, but you can choose a different number if you like. Our system will randomly select a time to publish the products and finish the job within a day. The system won’t upload all your products in a short time (to prevent your account from getting flagged for spam by the marketplaces).

Yes! We continually update our system with all the latest patches and fixes. Updates are automatic and come at no extra cost to you.

You can contact our support team at any time. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!


Build and grow passive income by selling print-on-demand products automagically. No need to hire VA or graphic designer! This website in no way is affiliated with Facebook or any Facebook entities.

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